Amazon D and AD

For this project the brief asked to to create a brand identity for their new England based grocery delivery service called Amazon Fresh. At first I didn’t understand what a brand identity was, however as soon as I understood what it was it seemed interesting to me. Creating a brand identity consists of creating the logo and advertisements, however as the logo already exists it doesn’t make sense to create a new one as the vans already exists with the logo on. Which works better for me as graphic design is a weakness of mine.

A massive help into understanding this subject was a site that I found online ( which gave me insight into the brand management of amazon and what they are looking for in ways to interact with the public and how they wish to be perceived.

Since I would just be looking into creating a range of advertisements I started out by looking into the sorts of visuals that I would be illustrating. This includes things such as delivery vans, delivery men and bags of groceries. All of which are logical be be focal points of the campaign. Additionally since it is coming to England out of the trial period in London, I considered ways to show that it is quintessentially British however the best way that I could think of was to simply include images that are obviously of London. These visuals include Red Busses, Red Phoneboxes and London landmarks which are signifiers of England. I also experimented with different amounts of colour, including using white and black empty space to draw the eye in potential advertisements.

From here I did research into the different types of sizes for advertisements both online and offline. From here I chose the 5 most popular sizes and produce a range of sketches for each. For many of the sizes I used a similar design to see how it looked different at different sizes, for instance in some cases I could add more text or the composition would work better. Now that I am at this stage I intend to take these ideas onto Photoshop and attempt to come up with a style that I feel represents the Amazon Fresh brand.


The compositions that I liked most from all the designs that I made during this process were generally  those depicting groceries, vans travelling quickly and the use of screens, be it phone or tablet. As such when going into reproducing these digitally these are the designs I am going to be working on. Instead of doing pixel art again I decided to experiment by going for a soft painterly style which I found enjoyable though difficult as it was harder to get the image to state that looks polished. I feel like this style worked well for the soft features such as the fruit as it made it look very fresh and appetising. However I feel that where this style isn’t as effective is when working with solid forms such as  vehicles and buildings. As such some of these designs that focused on these aspects were dropped during this stage.

After I had completed a handful of paintings that I was proud of I uploaded them onto Photoshop for tweaking and perfecting. In this stage I added texture to the objects that needed it, such as bread and bags. I also implemented green borders and text which I feel made the image look a lot more professional than I might have expected at the beginning of this project. I definitely could have produced a higher quality product if I wasn’t so new to painting digitally though I feel like it is a good first attempt. However in terms of the competition and having now seen the final results for the D and AD competition I realised that I may have misunderstood the brief somewhat as they wanted a more complete advertising campaign than what I submitted. However I have learnt a lot from this experience.

amazon fresh compilation.jpg