Artist Research

Hirohiko Araki


The artist behind JoJo’s bizarre adventure, a crazy anime full of amazing character designs and a great abstract use of colour that I try and fail to emulate as often as possible.  Particularly in my pixel art, where due to the lack of line work, you can focus much more heavily on the use of colour. If I took inspiration from JoJo art, I could make my designs very vibrant and eye catching.


Kentaro Miura

berserk-1557360Berserker_Armour_Version_2download (2)

The artist behind Berserk, a fantastically dark manga with a great use of contrast. He produces huge scenes inked down to a fine detail that look absolutely incredible. His use of ink work helps to create super gritty images which help to enhance the dark aesthetic and story of the anime. I really enjoy the manga as it covers a lot of violent situations that would be typical for the time period though other writers may shy away from these darker story telling elements.


Mike Mignola


I really love Mike Mignola’s style as it is so unlike anyone elses and shows that occasionally a unique style can break through into the mainstream. I have attempted emulating his style in the past however I found it incredibly difficult. I think its because it sits in a sweet spot between cartoony and dark and gritty. Additionally his use of colour is very interesting, using a lot of desaturated colours with a few bright colours to draw the eye.


Jim Lee

download (1)download

I have always been a fan of Jim Lee’s work as the pencils are so crisp and he does faces so well. He has always been a big influence on my work as he worked on many of my favourite comics, however I still feel weak at drawing faces so I will look to Jim Lee’s work for inspiration. However I feel like it would takes decades of experience to get to his level.


Frank Miller


Similar to Kentaro Miura I find Frank Miller’s use of contrast really amazing and inspiring as I am very interested in high contrast art so it interests me very much. I also really love the use of spot colour in sin city as it makes it so special when colour is included. I feel like his work could be interpreted similarly using pixel art, as the work is very graphical and abstract, using big and clear forms. It could be an interesting experiment to create a pixel art graphic novel. As this is a piece of evidence that an unusual style can be effective.


Paul Robertson/ Ivan Dixon/ Waneela3c54c48588ad678bc8790016faf8c322download (3)giphy (1)Ivan-Dixon-11pixel-art-gif-waneela-918462tumblr_n8jz5aR7dn1rv33k2o6_400tumblr_npni2tJEMa1rtbl5vo1_500Waneela-1

Here are three very well known pixel artist whose work is so entirely different from each other. I love these three pixel artists as they are a perfect example of how a seemingly simple way of working can be applied and marketed so different and how your own style can still shine through. I especially love the gifs, as after having done my own previously. I also find the difference in pixel size is astounding, Ivan Dixon’s gif are done on such a small pixel size which I have had trouble with in the past, especially with faces, as it is hard to convey the character with such few pixels. I should try doing a super large scale pixel piece as well as it gives a huge sense of scale. However I feel like the animated elements would have to be considered in advance otherwise it could be much more difficult.