Capcom Christmas Card Competition

As I follow a number of fighting game producers on Twitter I often see opportunities that come up. One of these was an advertisement for a Christmas card from Capcom. I thought that this would be a fun opportunity to potentially get my work seen by a company that I would love to work with eventually. Here arew some previous years winners:


However I saw it quite late and as a result there was only 2 weeks until the submission date so I decided to settle on a final idea quickly and spend most of that time refining the idea which I feel is strong. I have decided that for this I will do a card based off of the recently announced Capcom game, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. This is a fighting game between characters from the Marvel comics universe fighting characters from a variety of Capcom games. So far the characters that have been announced for the game are Captain America, Iron Man and Captain Marvel on the Marvel side. As well as Mega Man, Ryu and Morrigan on the Capcom side. As such I will based my Christmas card somehow on these characters as this is currently a hot topic and might be more likely to be noticed.

My initial ideas were to have Ryu and Captain America posing together as representatives of there respective brands. I thought this was an interesting visual however I couldn’t think of any compelling compositions. I also liked the idea of showing the infinity stones similar to how baubles might be shown in a normal card. I also played around with the idea of having the characters open up presents as I thought it would be funny t have captain America opening a present that was obviously his shield. However the composition didn’t work well enough to take further. After looking for ideas on what are typically involved with Christmas cards I found an image of a family having a Christmas dinner and thought I could do this with all six announced characters and having them all interacting with each other in ways that represent their characters and personalities. After sketching out my ideas I felt like this would work very well so I uploaded it to my iPad and began transferring it into pixel art.


Overall I’m very pleased with how it turned out and feel that it is my best pixel art interpretation of figures at that low of a pixel rate. That being said I found it very difficult to get the characters to appear as I wanted and if I were to do it again I would work on a larger canvas that would give me more control. However this limitation I feel really helped me to improve on how to imply meaning without drawing it realistically. I especially like how each pair is interacting, or not, as I feel like it represents there characters well. Though if it were higher quality I could have worked on facial expressions which were almost impossible this small. I also feel like the colours worked really well and overall a very strong design. Although the design didn’t win I feel like it was overall successful and taught me a lot about working with pixel art.

capcom christmas card.png