Greetings Cards YCN

For this competition the main element of the brief is to design a set of greetings cards. There is also the requirement of designing gift bags, wrapping paper and a few other elements however these aren’t as large of a part of it as I simply need to create a repeating pattern that can be applied to each of them.

As such I started out the project by making a list of the possible occasions that a card could be for so that I could create a range of design ideas for each and from these choose the most promising designs. The ideas I had are:

  1. Birthday
  2. Christmas
  3. Get Well Soon
  4. Congratulations
  5. Baby
  6. Commiseration
  7. Valentines
  8. Anniversary
  9. Thank you
  10. Fathers day
  11. Farewell
  1. For the Happy Birthday card my ideas were to do designs based of of age milestones, such as ten or when you can drink etc. Another idea was to try and really get a sense of the happiness and excitement that someone might get out of opening presents. Another possible route to go could be to have cards based off of popular interests.

2. For the Christmas card my ideas weren’t very inspired. I couldn’t think of anything Christmas themed that isn’t already tackled by the greetings card industry. As such I will attempt to creating a design using the typical iconography but putting my own spin on it.

3. For the Get Well Soon card my ideas were o be humorous and have the people in the card horrifically wounded but acting like it is nothing. I think this could be an entertaining take on the card.

4. For the Congratulations card my ideas were mainly based on the idea of celebrating the success, whether it be with alcohol or graduation.

5. For the Baby card my ideas were again to be humorous. Whether it tears its way out of the mother or comes in the form of an egg instead.

6. For the Commiseration card my ideas were about overcoming loss. Use of colour could be interesting for this card.

7. For the Valentines card my ideas were very limited beyond the obvious. I feel that similarly to Christmas this is a well that has been run dry by greetings card companies. As such I would need to come up with an interesting design if I were to go with this card.

8. For the remaining card ideas I really struggled for ideas and decided to instead go with one of my earlier ideas for the card designs.

From here I produced a range of designs for each card type to see if there were any that were good enough to take onto further development. I decided to choose the best one out of four cards to work on so I chose the snowman for Christmas, the opening of a birthday present, the dis armed get well soon card and the human egg birth card. From here I did 4 variations on each design to get it how I wanted and from here I uploaded them onto my iPad to work on them digitally.


I decided to create them as pixel art as I felt that that was a niche in the market that hasn’t been explored and would separate my work from other people also entering the competition. Although  in retrospect I feel like I should have worked at a higher pixel count for at least the get well soon card as I felt that the figure could have been drawn much better if I wasn’t so limited for this card. The other card I feel went a lot more successfully however I could have perhaps used different colours to improve upon it if I had more time to experiment, though I feel that as a collection they are successful.

As I was running out of time for the competition deadline I only had a few days to complete the note card, notebook and wrapping paper designs. For the wrapping paper I experimented with a few different patterns that I could repeat and eventually settled on a repeated pattern of a present that I think worked quite effectively. I think the choice of colour here worked really well.For the gift bag, I took this same design and changed some of the colours. For the notebook and note card I was unsure of what to do. However after making a mistake with the wrong brush on procreate I found you can make a really cool space pattern by using a regular brush on a small canvas. As such I decided to use what I had learned from the Batsford Prize and create an image of the solar system. To save time I took planets from the Batsford prize image, rotated and recoloured them to save time. I am really pleased with both of these images, though I think the note card might look better as it is on a simpler background.

Overall I am very pleased with how this project turned out as it is a very visually distinct collection of images. However I feel that some of the images are better than the others so if I were to do it again I’d try to bring them up to the same high quality standard.

Full greetings cards work.png