San Diego Film Festival

For this project we have to design a poster for the 2017 San Diego Latino Film Festival. Initially I really struggled for ideas as we were limited in the choices we could use for design elements as they wanted to stay away from any stereotypes, a stipulation that didn’t apply to the previous years’ works, as such we had little to reference as they were all very stereotyped.

As such I was constantly worried that any idea that I had that had a theme remotely related to Latino culture that i was stereotyping and my work wouldn’t be adhering to the brief. However I eventually decided that the easiest way to do this would be to primarily focus on the film side of the design and simply use colours associated with Latino culture.

One idea that I thought would be successful was to appropriate classic film posters such as from Jaws, ET, Clockwork Orange, etc, by taking the film poster and replacing elements/colours with things more relevant to either film festivals, Latino culture or San Diego. I liked some of the ideas I came up with and got to practice colouring with prismacolour pencils which I hadn’t used before. However I didn’t find any of the designs to be strong enough to take into a final image.

Instead I had an idea to look at geography and architecture for inspiration. I realised that in a lot of south American villages the buildings are painted very brightly and colourfully and would work well as an image. As such my idea was to combine this idea of a colourful village with details that make it obvious that it is for a film festival. This way the poster should be both practical and visually striking.

After how well my last posters went in the pixel style I felt it would work well to create this colourful village in a pixel style. Additionally it would help to make my image stand out alongside the other applicants in the competition as it is unlikely that many other artists would be using this style.

A like the composition using the triangle in the clockwork orange poster so I decided to use a triangular composition in my poster. However after a few sketches I preferred how it looks when inverted, with rolls of film tape creating the edges of the triangle. I decided to have the colourful village going off into the distance towards a mountain range. However as I started to work digitally I noticed an empty space at the bottom of the triangle which I filled with more buildings that filled out the composition nicely. I am pleased with how the image turned out, especially in terms of colour. I feel that the pallete that I chose works very well to evoke a positive feeling. I feel that this is because I didn’t use any heavy black lines like I usually do, additionally all my shading was done with a darker version of that colour. Ie, yellow and orange. However looking back at it now it may have worked better with a lighting gray down the center of the town. I like how this is offset my the solid black which draws the eye to the title and date. I also really like the idea of the camera filming the couple, a scene that really evokes the idea of Latino film in my opinion. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, currently I cannot see any galring problems that would need to be addressed. One potential issue could be the camera overlapping the text slightly, though that was intentional to create a sense of depth. I’m unsure if it was successful though.