For Honour animation

My first experience of the medieval fighting game For Honour was where me and my girlfriend had an opportunity to play the beta at a comic con. After this I was very excited for the release and after the trailer for the full game dropped, combined with my growing interest in animation I decided to create an animation from a cool part of the trailer. I wanted to have the animation running at a standard frame rate of 27 fps, as such I would only produce a roughly 3 second clip as this way it will be substantial but also a manageable amount of work. After looking through the trailer many times I found a section that would be ideal for what I was looking for. It was a section with both a lot of action but also a lot of camera movement which is something that I wish to learn more about and improve upon.

I worked out that there were a total of 128 frames, therefor if I did 16 frames per a3 page then it would only take me 8 pages. As such I marked out a 4×4 grid on each a3 page and started sketching out each frame one at a time. I found this process tedious but very enjoyable. I drew the entire thing out in the space of a night with the intention of returning to it to colour and film it, though due to other pressing deadlines I put it on hold and forgot to return to it.

After assessment I intend to get it finished so that I can show my labours at the exhibition.